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Musings on Software Engineering

Ezra Morse

Ezra MorseMarch 27, 2021

This then is programming, both a tar pit in which many efforts have floundered and a creative activity with joys and woes all its own.— Fredrick Brooks

Starting a technology blog in 2021 is akin to Prometheus gifting man fire in the bronze age. While late to the game with a modest amount to add, I'm simply challenging myself to write, whether it be in code or prose. What we should all leave behind are our thoughts, as we learn, grow and move forward. In doing so, we can more easily remember those lessons, and perhaps connect with just a single person and change a life.

From years spent in management and as a hands-on engineer, I know we are problem solvers, builders, creators, craftsmen and dreamers. What we possess in this profession is a unique ability to—with a perfect blend of art and logic—create real, scalable solutions that can touch thousands. It is this "modern sorcery", as Fredrick Brooks called it, that attracts a very special mind. So it is to those creators & dreamers—these sorcerers bent on changing the world—that I wish to appeal to as I open-source my thoughts.

And I'll labor to leave what I can on this over-engineered site; a bloated playground of React & Typescript (with articles written in JSON and Markdown) when a simple static page would suffice. I intend to continue to explore and take on challenges as I write in tandem; perhaps we may endeavour together to avoid some parts of the tar pit entirely.